Inger Sitter

This obsession isn't new, but it's new-found. After the death of Inger Sitter a fresh focus has turned to the talented Norwegian artist. Her art is full of contrasts, which is what I love so much about it. It's feminine, yet masculine. It's dark, yet wonderfully light and colourful. It's also poetic and deep, while remaining aesthetically pleasing. 


My new favorites are her stone plates, which are paintings turned into plates of stone, sort of mosaics, with various types of beautiful stone. Never seen anything like it before, which is why I don't know a better word for it then 'stone plate', doesn't seem to cover it, but it'll have to do (unless someone can help me out?). It displays yet another contrast in her art; hard and soft. The soft curves, made up of such a hard material is fascinating and gorgeous. Has to be seen in real life, which you can now at Galleri Brandstrup in Oslo (Tjuvholmen). 


PS: My iPhone pictures does NOT do these justice, go have a look your self, or visit the gallery websites for better photographs. Although sadly, they don't have the one I thought was the most impressive!


 The gallery has on some of her classic large abstract paintings 

The gallery has on some of her classic large abstract paintings 

One of the three 'stone plates' displayed in the gallery

This one is the first one you see when you enter the gallery, and with good reason. Truly spectacular!

Detail showing how the stones are used to create the work of art