Digital Sketching

I have grudgingly entered the world of digital sketching. I've purchased (with a gift card in a shop I had nothing else to buy!) the Wacom Creative Stylus 2.  It is supposed to be a state of the art stylus, perfect for drawing on a tablet. Along with it  you get the pro Bamboo Paper app for free and a three month subscription to Autodesk Sketchbook Pro. 

It's not as bad as I though it would be, but it's certainly not the same as drawing on paper as they advertise. Perhaps if I Iearn how to use the apps better (Sketchbook actually has layers, which is very useful), it can become a permanent way of working, but I can give up my tracing roll just yet. But hey, you need to try these things right? No point in ignoring technical advances. 

Sketch of Village Square in Pico. Drawn on Ipad with Wacom Creative Stylus 2 (Autodesk Sketchbook app)

Proposing the refurbishment of an excisting structure to convert to a restaurant