A simple act in the High Street

This week Kingston School of Architecture is having their annual Vertical Project, a project that engages the students to work in groups accross the years on a given project that reflects the schools approach to the social science that is architecture. This year the project is about the public space, and the brief is called 'A Simple Act'. All groups have been assigned a different type of public space, and our group is based in the high street.

The task is to make 'a simple act' in the given public space. This 'act' could be anything that encourages the public to think about public spaces, how they are used and how they could be better, and as the name suggest, it should be a simple act.

We first set out to consider what a high street really is. Our initial response about was the domestic way of living, functioning and getting by. Facilities such as banks, butchers, newsagents and local grocery stores typically inhabit this type of public space. It’s a place where people mainly go to do their chores, have lunch or work. It’s a part of our everyday life, yet most people don’t stop to notice their environment. 

We wish to challenge the public to stop and reflect on the place their in. Because the high street is a very busy place it often makes its occupiers introverted, and therefore this public space can actually become quite private for the induvidual that is inhabiting it. We hope to get people out of their 'bubble' and make people notice their surroundings. By creating a post-it murial, we will be encouraging the public to voice their opinion about the high street. We will be recording it, to see how they participate in our simple act.

We'll be carrying out our 'simple act' tomorrow, so stay tuned for updates :) 

 Brixton Road

Brixton Road