Interior renovation by Line Myrenget

The following post is about an interior renovation that deserves a proper introduction. Line Myrenget, an architect and designer in Oslo, Norway, set out to renovate her studio apartment in Oslo (more specifically Bjølsen for those interested). 

With simplicity, elegance and durability in mind, she designed practical and beautiful solutions for small space living. In fact, what used to be a studio, is now a one bedroom apartment, with loads of storage space- talk about increasing value!

With a carpenter-father, she could accomplish more with less, and with a lot more input! What's cooler then a father and daughter reno? On a side note, it's quite interesting to see how a good relationship between designer and builder will determine the quality of the outcome. 

The work included a new custom-made kitchen, renovated bathroom, new bedroom with custom designed storage to DIE for (custom designed to the tee; space for washing machine and other things that takes up space and looks ugly out in the open). To top it of:  handmade furniture (with help from her furniture designer boyfriend, how cool is this family?!)


To sum up: if you like clever, simple and beautiful design as much as I do, you'll love this!



Simple and durable with plywood

A little old with the new

Check out that timber joint! O la la

"I just casually designed my own table" Me: the green monster of envy